Mondo Italia Gallery Group, established in 1980, operating mainly within Eastern European Countries as well as Asia, are now looking to expand throughout the rest of the world. The Group enjoys a good and very strong business relationship with leading Italian Brands and distributors.

What distinguishes us at Mondo Italia Gallery is that we represent Italian Brands that are only made in Italy. Presently, we are looking to promote these in new markets, thus promoting Italian Brands with its unique flare, style and setting fashion trends for the rest to follow.

The realization of a complete project from a small retail area to larger one with the assurance, full support of a serious and reliable organization in search of better positioning in the market place, that will primarily strengthen individual brands.




  • - Fasibility studies: analysis of the cathment area, sales potential and customer profile
  • - Competition analysis
  • - Customer surveys and focus group
  • - Definition of the merchandising plan, of strategic positioning and concept
  • - Traffic flow studies and analysis of road network


  • - Design of merchandising mix
  • - Selection of Retailers
  • - Negotiation on behalf of Owners
  • - General consultancy to Developers at all project stages
  • - Search for location for Retailers


  • - Pre-management consultancy
  • - Investment performance monitoring and turnover analysis
  • - Assesment of areas of improvement and investment management
  • - Turnover and visitor flow monitoring and reporting