ADYVA Italia

ADYVA Italia is synonymous with class and elegance that shows in the image studied in detail of a store of pure Italian glamour. It is the answer to the different needs of an entrepreneur who wants to optimize the profits of a location between 100 and 400 square meters, maximizing revenue with the inclusion of multiple brands.
AN EXCLUSIVE PROPOSAL:  ADYVA ITALIA gives you the possibility to realize a multi-brand stores (from 2 to 6 brands) in different sizes often inappropriate for mono-brand or big stores.
CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF BRANDS as the brands that are proposed are the right response to customer needs but also represent the real need for consumer purchasing.
LIFE STYLE since within an ADYVA ITALIA store you will find an assortment of range, by type of product and price target, which will allow you to satisfy your desire to own the Italian excellence.

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